Top Prepper Websites is a an online voting site that allows members of the Preparedness Community to vote for their favorite website. So voting/ranking is not based on any other numbers other than the number of votes a website sends to TPW. The site also serves to bring attention to lesser known preparedness sites that might not have the same following as some of the higher ranked sites, but that have great content as well.

How are Websites Ranked? - A website is ranked according to the "Votes In" that it receives. Every website, after registering with TPW, gets a special link that identifies them. They then post the link on their website. When someone "clicks" on that link, it takes them to the "Voting Gateway." This gateway is there to ensure that webmasters can't send traffic using a bot. To finalize a vote, a person simply clicks on "Click Here to Enter". Once inside TPW, voters can look around and explore other preparedness websites.

"Votes Out" are the number of times someone that entered TPW has clicked to visit that site. This number doesn't count towards ranking.

Why are the numbers off? - When I first started the site, it would automatically reset votes counted every 24 hours. Instead of leaving it that way, I chose to let the numbers add up instead of resetting. If you see a website ranked lower (with higer numbers) than a website with less "Votes In", it is because of this reset issue. I believe that the numbers will all straighten out in time. Just know that the more "Votes In" a website receives, the higher they will be on the list.

For Webmasters: If your site listing has been changed to "pending" and is no longer showing on Top Prepper Websites, it is because you haven't met all the requirements as set forth in the rules. Usually, it is because your banner is bigger than the 468 x 60 size or you haven't placed a permanent link back to TPW on your homepage with either the "Vot 4 Me" pic or a text link.

If you believe your site has been placed on "pending" on accident or if you have made changes, please email me at todd.sepulveda [at] prepperwebsite [dot] com.

If you site has been suspended, it is because your site has been found to have content that was not orginally yours or it didn't have proper attribution.

Thanks for visiting Top Prepper Website! For more information or to contact me, please email me at todd [at] readyyourfuture [dot] com.

Todd Sepulveda